About the Truck


The trucks story comes from the desire, skill, passion and love of food that was passed down from some very talented ancestors, that I miss dearly and thank everyday.  So the story isn’t a story at all, it’s a truth about the dreams of many that were unfulfilled and unmet, but passed down to me and now no longer deferred.  I am from Chicago born & raised.  I came to Vegas to visit family and fell in love with its magic, ambiance and pace; so I moved here.  But I found myself missing home and couldn’t find any of the tasty foods I was familiar with from home, even from places with the same name.  So I decided to bring some authentic Chicago fast food favorites to Vegas and share with the West Coast what everyone in the Midwest already knows, Chicago’s food is everything!!!!!!!!


This journey came from missing the great food and flavors of Chicago. Surveying many people from all walks of life, taste and cultures regarding the possibility of bringing Chicago fast food to Las Vegas.  Some people were aware of the food, some were not, some were interested and/or always wanted to try them, some were Foodies and some were like me and my family, longing for them.  So bringing some of Chicago’s flavorful foods to Vegas’ glitz, glamour, lights and abundance seemed like a win win. So mixing a collection of Chicago’s fast food favorites like Italian beef Chicken with mild sauce, Chicago dog, Maxwell street polish, Pizza Puffs and more from the south and west sides of the windy city began the east (Chicago) meeting the west (Vegas ) and Chi-Town Bites was born.


Your Chi-Town Bites creators 


  • Powerful
  • Tenacious
  • Very Determined
  • Kind Hearted
  • Extremely Inspiring
  • Trend Setter


  • Strong Willed
  • People Person
  • Wise
  • Cultured
  • Giving
  • Unapologetically Cris

Street Food Chef’s are awesome people who like to talk, meet, laugh and cook for everyone. They love what they do, because no one is making them do it.  They chose this, they’re creative, free spirits, love food and are in touch with the peace that comes from being happy doing what make them happy, while others are happy because of what they do.  Their motto: Everyone needs to eat, right?